Who We Are

Founded by Stephon Duncan in 2014, Overmill is a dedicated team of wordpress loving designers and developers, based in Trinidad and Tobago.

Overmill was created to assist startup entrepreneurs and Caribbean businesses with their wordpress hosting. Built on blazing fast lite-speed server technology and light weight plugins, Overmill offers the best wordpress experience.

Meet the admin


I'm Stephon Duncan!

Overmill was my personal hosting project. I got tired of the hidden fees and inferior hosting that was offered by other big name providers. Through trial and error, I was able to find the best tools for wordpress. I'm also a web designer and developer. You can checkout my work at techguysteph.com

Why we're better!

Our technologies

At Overmill, our servers are powered by lite-speed, this is a web server application that allows for more simultaneous processes than apache. Apache is mainly used by other web hosting providers as its easier to troubleshoot on a large scale. However, apache tends to display errors when too many users are utilizing it at the same time. Additionally, our servers use NVME SSD Storage while others use HDD Storage. Overmill gives you the best value for wordpress!